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    Issues with lightroom 5 Raw


      I have lightroom 5 which came with my canon eos6d. For some reason adobe will not read the raw images in either lightroom v 5.7 or PS cS5? I can open them in apple photo probably as JPEGS copy them off the disk but not import them, previews are also not available. Any ideas I've had problems like this before but I'm fairly sure the problem had been resolved being able to import until this week. Is it possible the card is corrupted?

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          Geoff the kiwi Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          How long has this been happening?
          Are you using a card reader or usb cable? Use a card reader

          Are there any error messages???

          PSCS5 most likely will not open them

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            rebeccar69618684 Level 1

            Happened a couple years ago in Namibia, lost a few photos of leopards in RAW. All ok since until yesterday? Doesn’t make any difference if using card reader or internal mac card reader. I haven’t tried canon software but didn’t make any difference last time. I think its a different card. No problem with 5D and compact flash card but the problem both times with SD cards and I think different cards?


            NO error messages just fails to import and no previews available.


            Any thoughts?