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    RoboHelp 10 Web Help output is a blank page in IE 11, even after applying all the fixes from Adobe!

    dwc3 Level 1

      I've applied all of the Adobe fixes but still get the blank page in IE 11. It even says "Blank page" on the title bar.

      Chrome works fine. FireFox not at all (even with the Adobe fix added).


      Not sure what else to do. My initial configuration when I got TCS4 was with IE 8. That was fine. Then, with the company mandated upgrades from IE, it started to give blank pages. All of the Adobe fixes - RH10.zip, FixForRH10Install.zip, IE11Fix_RH10.zip, whutils.zip (FireFox) - have added up to:

      • Not working with FireFox
      • IE 11 opens a blank page. On the software it's in, there are two help options -- to open the help at the initial page, or to open it at the specific dialog box you're in. It doesn't open the initial page, but will open the individual dialog help pages.
      • No problems with Chrome.


      Is this an Adobe issue, browser issue, or my own lack of understanding issue??


      I had a developer look at it briefly, and below are his initial comments.


      Any insight as to what to do would be appreciated. Thanks,



      ========================================================================================== ================================


      On chrome, basically, the code open a blank window with method window.open(), and then reset the window URL to the target html page so that the blank window get refreshed with correct HTML content, but sometimes not sure under what condition, the second window.open() just open a new window instead of using the already opened blank window. Check the below chrome debugger screenshot for detail, line 232 and 233.







      Things even strange on Firefox, it always popup two windows, the first is blank, the second displays the help content. The follow screenshot shows where the two windows pop-up, it is quite different with Chrome.