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    Lightroom CC Frozen or sloth like on import / Crashes on import / images greyed out. (yosemite osx)


      I realize this issue has come up numerous times, seemingly from many lightroom versions to now but im stuck hitting a severe wall here.

      Been over forums, been googling like mad, and had multiple attempts with adobe support crash and burn hard.


      Since upgrading from 5 ive had an increase in issues all in the import dialog, now with CC its on every import. It either freezes completely, is incredibly slow and I have to quit and reload or crashes. On import dialog images are greyed out. but only some. some are there some arent.

      I have expanded the folder structutre for import.

      I have created new catalogs. both on the external drive and HD

      I have uninstalled and installed

      I have turned off that gpu thingie

      I have updated to the latest lightroom.


      I also have no more ideas ! but it is driving me insane.


      its happening across the board on all my cameras, and all my cards. Doesn't matter if its direct from card, card reader or if camera is connected.

      but oddly enough sometimes if I go direct from camera it is more successful. (where inthe past it was the reverse and had to be direct from card.


      any suggestions or help would be amazing, short of throwing the computer out the window and buying aperture or something else.