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    I want to design a master page (a Template) for our photo collection.

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      I want to design a master page (a Template) for our photo collection. It will have some boilerplate text and fields  to put in various kinds of data: Photo number, Title, description (lists of names or detail beyond the title), Photo date, Notes, Credit, Where the original is filed.

      The main body of the page will be the actual photo. In the best of all possible worlds I want to be able to go to this page in the computer and extract the photo in order to print it at various sizes and resolutions. The pages will also be printed and put in a scrapbook (well, several of them).

      At present we have a bunch of pages in PS single layer format that cannot be edited. All the photos are in 300 dpi. Some of these photos were loaned to us, so we will never get any higher resolution. And I would like to be able to edit each of the categories listed above.

      Am I asking too much? It has been suggested that I use InDesign for this project. I have a bit of experience with this program as I do a periodic newsletter with it. I have a couple of books (Classroom in a Book for indesign CS6, which is what I have) and an older InDesign CS Visual Quickstart Guide. If someone could just give me some buzzwords so I could find the relevant instructions it would be a great help