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    Save from CC to open in LR 5


      Im very sad.  I am a Brazilian user and I really like Lightroom.But I believed that paying for a subscription of Adobe software I receive online service as promised, preferably in Portuguese. But I spent a lot of time today trying to get online support, which did not happen. Only left the possibility to ask for help here in the community.


      How can I save  cathalog created in CC (LR 6) to open in LR 5 version? Is it possible? I have a third person (who use LR5) who make some parts of job for me using  Catalogs with  smart previews, but I created some catalogs in CC version, incompatible with LR 5.

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          Bob Somrak Level 6

          Lr6 catalogs are NOT backward compatible with Lr5.  You both need to be using the same version of Lr for this to work correctly.

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            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            You can try the forums for support, as it is easier to use a translation program on words on a webpage, than on a Chat or Phone call and people on the forums generally know things that Adobe Support doesn’t.


            Adobe Support is mostly for purchasing, installation and licensing help.  he forums are for other things like How To, or What is Wrong type of questions, like you’re asking, here.


            To transfer SOME of your LR 6 edits to a LR 5 catalog, you can Select All , Right-Click, Metadata, Save Metadata to Files, in the LR 6 catalog, then Import all those photos and XMP files into a new LR 5 catalog.  The Import will read the XMP adjustments, at least the ones that LR 5 can understand, but not the ones that are new in LR 6, like Dehaze in LR 2015.1.