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    straightening edge


      I'm not a pro in AE and i'm wondering - is there any way to straighten the edge of a color.
      I have mask like this:



      I have mask like this. 3d max generated me this wire color mask. Some pixels are jagged like in image above. Is there any way to straightening those edges ? any effect, or plugin which will "count" average of the edge and remove those isolated pixels + add some antialiasing if nessesery ?

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You could try messing around with the settings in CC Vector Blur.

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            satach Level 1

            thx. I have tried CC Vector Blur as you say using perpendicular type gives me a little better result, but mayby someone know perfect solution for this ?

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              First, it looks like you have the layer quality set to draft. Second, if you want lined up rectangular masks use the rectangle tool. If you want to have the masks perfectly lined up to the pixel grid is guides and set snap two guides on. You could also enable grid and used snap to grid.


              In the future when you have a question about composition show us the whole comp window, timeline and effects control panel, and reveal the properties of the layer in question  that you have modified by pressing the u key twice. That way we won't have to guess what the problem is, we can most likely readily see it. In spite of the warning about image size this forum will easily except full resolution screenshots.

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                Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                The perfect solution would be to make sure your anti-aliasing is correct in 3DS Max before you render it, if the problem is what it looks like.

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                  satach Level 1

                  It is animation, so animation 4 corner mask for 1200 frames is not tempting option.


                  Sorry i didnt post whole explanation, but i just know where is the problem. I know that 3ds max make me another joke with no antialis applying and my bad i didnt check how it looks before final render of 1200 frames.
                  If there isn't some algorythm for this in AE i will need to render it again with AA.