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    Live edit off 10GbE NAS

    Carson WMM

      Looking at getting a QNAP TS-563 with 10Gb Ethernet all set up. Adding 10GbE switch and 10GbE add-in cards for 2 editing rigs.

      Wondering if this will be capable of editing 4K video off (only 1 user editing 4K footage at a time)

      Bitrate on 4K XAVC files is up to 223MB/s. The QNAP NAS should be able to do over 400MB/s with the 10GbE set up.


      If anyone has any insight on if this will have issues or not it'd be appreciated.



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          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

          Its only a 5 bay unit with low end AMD CPU and 10GB of ram. I don't see how it can output 400MB/s unless you run raid 0. Raid 5 or raid 10 most likely will have far less performance based on the hardware listed. That is the problem with  many of these NAS units. The low end hardware used limits the network offloading performance along with the raid performance since many of these run software raid or a limited hardware raid. They are great for archive but not so good for realtime load.




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            Carson WMM Level 1

            It's only about $1000, so for that price its pretty decent. Raid 0 obviously isn't going to be considered.

            Even if it only gets 50% of the advertised performance it's still meeting my ~200MB/s requirement and is faster than any other NAS products that are limited to 1Gb/s.


            I'm not particularly concerned about the performance of the NAS. What I'm looking for is if i'll encounter issues because its on a network source working with large files.

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              ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

              It's not the size of the files that effect the network component or performance. It's just the bit rate requirement and latency of networking. If 200MB/s is enough then you should be ok with that. The latency will show when they are making changes on the timeline and waiting for the changes to update. Render times can be a little longer but not normally noticeable. Its the input command latency ie scrubbing and such over the network that can be troublesome to some editors. BTW Thecus and Synology are other options for network storage that offer 10Gbe options either built in or via expansion slot. The Thecus units normally have decent hardware for all in 1 units. Synology is the industry standard for Corp IT but not normally used for realtime work.