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    help me choosing a laptop@ 1500us$ for heavy Ae project and cineama4d renders for 3d

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      presently my laptop is too mush laggy when i have to do heavy projects
      in AE

      laptop is Asus K53SD
      i3 2330m@2.2ghz &
      nvidia 610m(48:4:4)@2gb ram with

      spending around 1500US $ on
      asus laptop with
      i7 410HQ M@3.5ghzwith boost &
      Geforce GTX 970M(1280:80:48)@3Gb ram
      16gb Ram@1666mhz

      is it worth to buy for doing Ae and Cinema4d without laggs and low render times
      estimate for this
      1080p project having
      a 1minute time with
      10 comps@10-50 layers each comp
      and 30 sub comps@10-100layers each

      almost every layer is animated and
      some are having basic effects like blur, composite layer,fillcolour, etc..

      can any one say can this be done in 1hour or less with DOF enabled and blur enabled for all layers in this new laptop
      how much worthy is this laptop for 3d renders and and video editing

      help me choosing laptop