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    Cannot activate a second source


      Just moved to a new Windows 8.1 machine.

      ADE 4.0 is activated for the 3M Cloud Library, but I also want to get books from my library using Overdrive.


      When I try to download a book using Overdrive, I get "Error, check activation".

      I went into Help and then tried to erase the activation, but when I enter my Adobe name and password, I get a message, "Unable to Erase Authorization. Please try after some time".

      On my old Win7 machine, I was able to get books from both sources, but now ADE isn't letting me get books with Overdrive.

      In the box when I try to erase activation, there are two items; one is my" email | AdobeID"  and the other is the 3M authorization info.

      Howe can I get ADE to let me get books from both sources?