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    some after effects 2015 issues


      I'm having a few issues with After Effects 2015 which I was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on:


      1. When I go Composition - Add to media encoder queue - I get an error message AEDynamic link server, adobe media encoder is not installed (it is) I've tried reinstalling them a couple of times and no cigar. I'm on PC and the software is installed on my D: drive not C:


      2. when outputting and MXF OP1a - XDCAMHD 50 PAL (4:2:2) file, which is the format I deliver to the television stations in, AE 2015 brings up a settings mismatch, and resizes my footage to 1440x1080 - AE 2014 didnt do this, so I'm having to switch back to do my final 1920x1080 output.


      3. When previewing, audio doesnt play for the first second or so when it goes back to the start, which is a bit irrititating. Whats even worse is space doesnt stop the playback again - I'm wanting to stop the playhead at the point its up to, so I know the frame to beat match a cut to, but space doesnt stop it, and escape takes it back to the start point, once again I had to go back to 2014 to time some footage to music


      3. quite often when i move to a frame, after effects doesnt render the frame, it just keeps the frame up from the previous time point I was on, pressing space seems to force it to render, but then doesn't stop when I hit space again

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          chfilm Level 1

          I also have an issue with the new timeline, even though it does feel a LITTLE snappier when scrubbing through it (scrolling down is still a PITA), I happened to me quite a few times now, that I selected some keyframe for example, and then just wanted to scrub the CTI through the timeline, when all of a sudden my keyframe jumped to the new position as well, even though I didnt want to move it at all..

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            chrisw65239794 Level 1

            Yeah I've been having what might be a similar issue, which I initially thought was just my tablet nib being a bit worn, but I'll move a keyframe, let go and the keyframe moves with the pointer a fraction longer, so it moves back in the direction I move the pointer again, almost like the keyframe is 'sticking' to the pointer longer - so maybe it just cottoned onto the fact the mouse button is not pressed anymore...


            I've since seen a known issues page, where it states issue #3 of mine is a known bug - it would be great to hear any ideas on #1,2 & 4 though

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              The After Effects CC 2015 (13.5.1) bug-fix update is available, which fixes several issues: http://adobe.ly/1Il5JYe