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    Can't find files


      I recently had to download the recent version because my photo editor sent me a catalog that required it.


      It has made my life miserable this week and I am supposed to deliver Images tomorrow.


      Immediatetely it couldn't find my files and I spent a fair amount of time locating them.


      Tonight, in the middle of my export,LR lost the files again.


      I hadn't moved them and wasn't doing anything at the time except waiting for the export to complete so I could start another one.


      Also important to note is I got one full album exported without issue before this happened.


      Now the only way I can get it to find the files id's to locate each one individually. There are 838 and I have renamed them.


      I tried synchronizing the folder, but that didn't do anything.


      Is this a glitch with the latest version? Can anyone provide a quick suggestion???





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          Geoff the kiwi Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Please provide a lot more information such as the location of the files, your OS, etc Any error messages

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            anr311 Level 1

            The files are on my Time Capsule - I use it as a file server.


            I am running Yosemite. 10.10.3


            I don't remember the error message I received during the export, but now I just get the file is missing message.


            Also - I just opened LR 5 and the images are there so that version didn't lose them.


            However, the catalog is in the LR 6 version so won't work with the previous version.

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              DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

              "There are 838 and I have renamed them." Did you rename them outside of Lightroom?

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                anr311 Level 1

                no - I renamed them in LR

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                  anr311 Level 1

                  I think I may have finally recovered them, but I really think this is a bug with this version.


                  I had to update the folder location three times.


                  I had to sync the folder twice.


                  I had to re-import the catalog.


                  Now, I have to go through the images again and edit each one, but at least that's better than clicking each one and going through the painful process of finding it on my drive.


                  This has been miserable and I hope it doesn't happen again when I export! Or, when I rename them (which I have to do so they show up in order when I export them to Shoot Proof.