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    graphics frame obscures text frame even though text is on a higher layer


      I have a page of photos, each in its own frame, and each with its own text frame containing the caption for the photo. Behind all of this and covering most of the page, I have created a basic graphics frame into which I placed a photograph, as a background. I have done this many times before, as recently as last month. This time, for some unfathomable reason the background obscures the text captions, as though the background was on a higher layer (but it isn't). But it doesn't obscure the photos, only the captions. Another weird thing: InDesign reports the error as overset text, which it clearly is not. I have tried juggling the layers around to see if that would resolve the problem. No dice. The only thing that makes the captions visible is to completely remove the graphics frame. I have tried just using a color fill in the frame, instead of the background photo, but the result is the same. I have also tried reducing the opacity of the fill/photo, but all that does is reduce the color in the frame to white (the page color), it doesn't make it transparent. I can make the frame smaller, and doing so makes the text "behind" it visible. But the color/background <rectangle> is the bottom object in the layers list. It just doesn't behave that way. One more thing: I can go to the layers palette and hide the <rectangle> by clicking the eyeball, but all it does is hide it, it does not reveal the text captions "behind" it. I suspect a quirky update to Creative Cloud may be responsible here.