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    Lightroom 2015 web problems


      MacPro Yosemite, Lightroom CC 2015, all up to date.


      The web module only partially functions with the Adobe gallery styles. The Classic style works fine, but the Grid, Square and Track will only display a subset of the images in the selected set. If I select just one image, there are some of the set that do not display. When I pick the whole set, none of them display.


      I had a chat yesterday with Support but that did not solve the problem, and they did not really do anything.


      I have restarted Lightroom, I have optimized it, I have restarted the computer. All to no avail.


      I have exported the images to a new catalog and the same issue occurs.

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          cabrackett Level 1

          I have found the source of the problem. By turning off the Captions the problem goes away.

          Further, the problem with the caption seems to be if it has multiple paragraphs in it.


          Is this a known bug, a design principle, or just bad luck?

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            cabrackett Level 1

            The Captions field in question was for a set of artwork, most of which had dimensions using " for inches. The " symbol seems to have been the problem. When that symbol is removed, it works as designed. Is there a work around to indicate inches in the printout without offending the sensitivity of the Web Module. Note, the Classic module has no problem with ".