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    Importing photos from camera in LR 5.7 suddenly takes ages


      I'm using LR 5.7 64-bit on a fully patched Win 7 on a 4 core Intel system with SSD. Everything worked flawlessly since 5.7 came out. Until a few days ago when I imported new photos (in RAW format) directly from my Nikon camera into LR when the first images previewed well on the import-dialog and then suddenly LR announced that previews of the next photos were not available and everything (in LR) slowed to a crawl. Here is the kind of message I get:


      Since then I have tested with another camera, a new,  empty catalog and a new installation of LR but nothing helped. Even with an empty new catalog and just one image in the camera it takes 9 seconds to see the thumbnail in the importer (w/o preview). The file then imports OK. With a few hundred images on the camera even after 30 Minutes I see not a single thumbnail in the import-dialog.

      B.t.w.: Imports from the file-system run without a hitch and all previews from the RAW-files show as they should. AND: LR 5.7 on my WIntel laptop runs OK and displays the previews for the camera import in a few seconds.

      What's happening here and how can I get the direct-import from the camera running normally again?

      Oh, and installing 5.7.1 didn't help