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    Adobe ID:LINDADMASON@GMAIL.COM Your Case Number:0215699628 Case Description:subscription query- AD012590648.


      Adobe ID:[removed] Your Case Number:0215699628 Case Description:subscription query- AD012590648.  I was under the impression that my account had been permanently cancelled and that is what I want done & credit the 39.99 taken out this month. I have cancelled this account. I have copied the email I received regarding the cancellation below:


      You've been removed from Linda.
      Hi Linda,
      Your administrator has removed you from your organization's AdobeCreative Cloud membership Complete which means you no longer have access to Creative Cloud through the Linda team.
      If you believe this message was sent in error and you'd like to continue your Creative Cloud membership, please contact your administrator. If you'd like to initiate your own Creative Cloud membership, click to learn more.

      Thank you for your business.


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