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    Mouth poses

    remymartini Level 1

      Is character animator mouth positions limited to "neutral", "smile" and "surprise"? Is it possible to put in other positions like lip pucker or smirk or frown?

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          theangietaylor Adobe Community Professional

          These are the only ones available currently but it would be good to discuss what other mouth expressions would be useful?


          Yawn, pucker, grimace, bite-lip, pop-eye (mouth to one side) would all be useful IMHO


          I'd like to have corresponding eyebrow positions that change when the Surprised or frown mouth positions are triggered.

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            Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

            Neutral, Smile, and Surprised are the only webcam-triggerable mouth expressions at this time. As Angie says, do let us know which other ones would be useful.


            As a workaround, you can use keyboard triggers (e.g., add additional mouth expressions into the Mouth subpuppet, mute them by default, then add keyboard triggers to each), such as:

               Yawn (y!)

               Pucker (p!)

               Grimace (g!)