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    eBook makes Adobe Digital Editions crashing


      I've switched recently  from a Sony TRS-3 to a Tolino Vision 2 because the Sony device was broken.

      Sony doesn't sell eBook Readers any longer and their Support for them has endet. Their Sony Reader Software supports only Sony Devices, so I had to change the Software on my Mac as well.

      Now I'm trying to move my books from the Sony Reader Software to Adobe Digital Editions. This went pretty well, but one eBook can't be imported.

      Everytime I try to import a certain  eBook("The road to McCarthy" by Pete McCarthy), ADE crashes.

      After restart the book is imported into my library, but every try to open it results in ADE crashing.

      The Kobo Store sent me a new copy of that eBook in case the file was damaged, but the problem stays the same.

      I don't have such problems with my other eBooks, regardless wich store I've bought them, so I think it's some kind of bug in ADE (the very helpful guys from Kobo support think the same, after they tried a lot of things to help me.)

      I can import and open the eBook to Sony Reader Software, but this doesn't support my Tolino Reader. I really think it has something to do with ADE


      I'm using an iMac mid 2011, OS X 10.10.03 Yosemite and Adobe Digital Editions

      All the Software and the OS is the latest version and up to date.



      Does anyone have an idea what might work?