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    GPU ray tracing Grayed out on 2015 Macbook Pro (Radeon R9 M370X)


      I am running AE CC 2015 on a mid-2015 Macbook Pro (i7, 16gb, 500gb SSD, Radeon R9 M370X).

      I find that the previews are very slow, and was hoping that having the GPU take on some of the load would help. But I find the option for GPU ray tracing is grayed out.

      Does AE not use OpenCL for ray tracing? Is there a way to tweak the settings to allow this?


      Thank you for any help and advice!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Ray-traced rendering acceleration is only available with NVIDIA CUDA cards and is no longer being developed. AE does not use the GPU for much of anything so regular AE work is not effected by the GPU installed on your system. I've never used a Ray-traced project and AE's extrusion tools since they were introduced on a project for a client. Couldn't afford the messing around time in the budget even though I had a system that used CUDA effectively. With all of the latest versions Chinaware and C4D Lite that come with AE make the Ray-traced rendering options along with the plug-in, blend mode, and matting problems that came with it a non issue for most users. If you must use Ray-traced rendering for your project then you'll  just have to live with the render times.


          BTW, all of this is covered in the product description and in the minimum system requirements on the Adobe site.

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            CharlieMuk Level 1

            Seems like a ridiculous answer. The GPU is faster in the new Macbook Pro's which I also own. Are you suggesting I should be looking at a different product than adobe, and just drop my CC subscription?

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              That is not what he is suggesting at all. All Rick was saying is that the ray-traced renderer won't use AMD cards because it was built on NVIDIA technology. I don't see how you got "don't use AE" out of that.


              Anyway, as Rick said, the AE team has abandoned the ray-traced renderer and it is now considered obsolete. It didn't use the GPU to make anything in AE faster, as some people think. It was just a way of producing 3d geometry natively in AE and the whole effect was built on NVIDIA's Optix library on their GPUs - it was ported (poorly) over to the CPU for folks who didn't have the appropriate hardware. I (like Rick) never bothered to use the ray-traced renderer for any client work even though I had the appropriate hardware because I thought it was a useless feature. I much prefer the direction Adobe is going for 3d work now.


              But speaking of the GPU, the next version of AE (which is going to be released soon if past release dates are any indication) will actually use the GPU to accelerate some effects and the AE team has said that they are looking into doing more with the GPU including using the Metal API on Apple.