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    view a flash video


      I have flash8 trial but no decoder and I am looking for a free solution.

      I have a problem that I am tired of looking on google about it (2-3 hours of messing around).
      I want to upload a video of any type to a webpage , convert it to a flash type then play it. So all the user does is uplaod a video, then the program converts the video to a flash type for a webpage to play with code only.

      I can play the video of anytype no problems on a webpage but converting to a flash so all videos are the same type seems complicated. Especially when most software for it you need to pay.

      Can i
      a) convert a video to a flash type then play in a webpage with code
      b) have to do this manually when I have a video uploaded eg use flash 8
      c) can only do part if this with code and some manually.

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          jagguy99 Level 1
          I have got mencoder and ffmpeg for command line conversion of file types mov,wmv,avi,mpg to flv or swf. I read also that these may not do audio but I am trying to get this to work. If it does do the job then this is what I want as all i need to do is play the files in a .swf actionscript file.

          I can do some files but the the ..flv inst aas good quality as original.
          What benefit is there from doing this to embed it on webpage?

          The following example creates a FLV file with 12 fps and 100 kbps.

          ffmpeg -i test.mpg -r 12 -b 100 test.flv