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    Bug?  LR CC - Spinning Ring Cursor (busy) if Internet is down?

    bullmoon137 Level 1

      This weekend we had severe storms in the area that disrupted our Internet for a day. Oddly, this also disrupted our ability to use Lightroom CC as we kept getting "not responding" and a spinning "busy" circle for a cursor.  Since this only became a problem when the Internet was disrupted I finally reconfigured the network adapter manually to provide only an IP address, no gateway, and no DNS addresses.  Voila!  No more spinning busy cursor. So that's a workaround to a very annoying problem but the concern is: what the heck is Lightroom so busy trying to chat about over the Internet that if gets totally dorked up when the connection is gone?  We had disabled (paused) Sync and any other Net related activity we could think of and that didn't help. I could also just disable the network adapter and that worked too, but our photos are stored on a server so that was no good.

      Is there a better to way to prevent this issue?

      Systems Info:

      1) Windows 7 /  Lightroom CC 2015

      2) Windows 8.1 / Lightroom CC 2015

      Network: Xfinity VOIP Modem --> CISCO RV180 Router