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    "Building workspace" never completes

    Andrew Sinning
      I'm going through the manual and working the examples. Per the instructions, I'm just creating new mxml files in a single project folder. To compile a different application I just change the default application to the new file. It seems like workspace builds are getting slower and slower. I now have about 14 mxml files in my project folder. Sometime FD2 seems to completely lock up. These are tiny, tiny files, all less than 1K.

      Is FB2 really this slow? I have turned off virus scanning, as I read on this forum that it can be a problem.

      The only other programs I am running are Firefox and Thunderbird.

      When I minimize FB2 it leaves a ghost image on my screen for at least a half a second. This is when it isn't "building workspace". When it get's stuck in one of its "building" processes, the window won't properly minimize, and I can't even switch to another application while it is building.

      I am running WinXP on a 3GHz pentium.

      Any advice?