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    Lightroom crashes in develop mode

    amberp91491119 Level 1

      Just reinstalled creative cloud and lightroom on my computer. we have done a system upgrade and I have had lightroom on this computer before and it worked great. WE have upgraded the system to Windows 10 and lightroom still won't work. I have been reading troubleshooting blogs for over a week now and have tried numerous things. I have uninstalled and reinstalled lightroom probably 10 times. I have signed in and out of creative cloud 2758905382 times. I have deleted all associated old files from previous versions of lightroom. I have the latest up to date driver. At first I couldn't develop a picture. It would crash when I would copy settings. Then it started crashing after I woudl click to edit the next picture. Then I deleted a bunch of things and then it wouldn't import images (which I discovered was apparently because I had my printer plugged in??). Resolved the import issue but still can only edit one photo at a time and then it crashes. I used a Nikon d7100 with RAW files. Please help - I am beyond frustrated and have a very unhappy bride.