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    Lightroom 5(6) library module preview mode(1:16\1:8\1:4\1:3) issue question.


      Hello, please help me understand this:


      Most of my images do not show properly ( very, very grainy) in library module preview mode , when set to  1:16\1:8\1:4\1:3 ratio.

      The same images show just fine, within the same ratio,  when switched to edit module, or when in library module set to FIT\FULL\1:1\1:2

      I use LR5, but the same thing happened when I tried the same images in LR6.

      All images RAW.

      What do I do?

      Thank you all very much.




      UPDATE: 07-05-15


      I found that these particular images were rotated ( shot vertically and rotated in lightroom to be viewed vertically).

      As soon as I rotate the image back to its original position - the image become perfectly normal

      What is it ? Please help!




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