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    retrieving photos from Adobe photoshop album 3.2

    onintzar89686205 Level 1

      I can see all of my photos on the Adobe photoshop album 3.2 in thumbnails...but it is requiring me to register and place a code which it will not provide.  How can I get to my pictures.

      I have tried to go directly to the "digital camera" folder, but it is empty.

      There are no photos on my hard drive but I can see them in the Adobe photoshop album 3.2 thumbnails.  I have over 4000 photos which I need to retrieve.

      I've signed up for the "Element" photoshop thinking I would be able to download them from some "cloud"...

      Could someone please help me get to my memories stored in Adobe Photoshop Album Edition 3.2.

      Thank you, Oni