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    Password If statement targetting _root

      I have a site designed in flash that when a button is clicked my "attachmovie" script opens up a movie...

      LoginButton.onRelease = function(){
      _root.attachMovie("LoginMovie", "Login_mov", 1, {_x:50, _y:200});

      This works fine...
      The movie is a password login which pops up in the main timeline. Here is the script in the popup login "Test" frame. What I would like to happen here is once the password is entered and the submit button is clicked... it will go to frame "Test" (Which is below)... then close the "Login_mov" and gotoAndStop at the "Administration" frame which both are located on the main timeline (_root).

      if (password eq "mike") {
      _root.gotoAndStop("Scene 1", "Administration");
      else {

      Let me know if I explaned it good enough... any help would be greatly appreciated... Thanks again... Mike.