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    Error Code 81: Problem is, there is nothing to close


      When I tried to run the installer it said that there was already an installer (or version of CC running) so it won't open unless I close the running program. Problem is, is that there is no version running and I can't close anything. I even went to the control panel to uninstall but that too requires me to close the program first. I have deleted the CC desktop icon, but cannot remove it from the computer to reinstall another version, what do i do?


      -I already had a version of CC that was in the middle of updating when it was interrupted by all of my programs closing at once (I was in the middle of uninstalling a virus). I tried reopening it, but the program refused to open, so I tried to install CC again, but it would not work.


      So is the first version I had still open and running? I deleted the desktop icon which I assume deletes from the computer, but I still have the second copy of CC in my downloads (which I can't delete until I close the already running CC).