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    Issue with Keyboard Triggers

    kyleatforge Level 1

      I have a character (head only) set up in Photoshop, everything is working as expected until I try to add a second, angry version of the head with keyboard triggers.


      When I activate the trigger, the heads swap out, but the new head does not have tracked eyebrows or mouth movement. The head itself will scale and rotate, but none of the facial features on the "swapped" head work.


      I compared to the Wendigo.psd file and cannot determine what exactly I am doing wrong; everything looks to be done in a similar way.


      Below is what my layer setup currently looks like. Thanks for any help!



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          theangietaylor Adobe Community Professional

          I'm not 100% sure but I think you may need to create two actual heads as opposed to two faces within the same head? I could be wrong but have you tried that?

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            aforetaste Level 1

            kyleatforge, okay I'm wrong. Just opened the Adobe provided CA Example file and Wendigo works with full facial animations on all the different facial layers. Wonderful!!

            I'm finding the same problems. I hope there is an answer to this problem, because that would be a very valuable feature for our animations.

            My theory is that this doesn't actually work (not even with Wendigo).

            When I bring in Wendigo and switch to another face (such as the 3/4 right) I get the face but nothing is animating (like eyebrows, eyeballs, blinks...). It's just a static face.

            I know that all the layers are there to be animated within the PSD file, but I've yet to actually see most of those layers used (since it's is not animating).

            I did look at the "10 tips on using Adobe Character Animator" Youtube video. I was looking to see if Wendigo ever was animating on his various heads. I couldn't see it. Now granted, they were very short shots of Wendigo's other heads, but none of them seemed to be animating.


            Try it yourself and see if you can actually get Wendigo animating on his other heads but as far as I can tell this isn't a feature that is currently working within Character Animator.

            That being said, I do hope I'm wrong... or that Adobe adds that feature soon!

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              Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

              The Face behavior is looking for a Head as its base, so we don't currently have a way to swap a different set of sub-face elements via key trigger. However, this should be possible by creating separate views (for normal and angry) and having the Head structure within it, then applying Face and Lip Sync to each view's puppet and removing it from the top-level puppet. Check out the Character Animator Examples project (Character Animator Examples), and specifically the Wendigo puppet in the "02. Wendigo" scene to see how it's set up.