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    onSoundComplete vs. movie clip event

      Hello and Happy Holidays!

      I have a movie that I am trying to sync with some external mp3 files - basically a narrated voice over.

      What I am having a problem with is that, depending on which browser, computer, server, act of God, etc seems to be effecting it at the moment, it seems that sometimes the movie clip takes longer to execute than the mp3 and vice versa.

      What this means is that I cannot rely on any one specific item to be the determiner of when to move on to the next movie clip. If I use "onSoundComplete" and it finishes before the current movie clip, it cuts the movie clip short. If I rely on the end of the movie clip it may cut the mp3 short. What I am trying to figure out is how to take both into consideration - sort of an "if then" statement. I've racked my brain over this one for hours until my mind is numb.

      Any ideas where to start?

      many thanks.