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    Moving single letters from the end of the line of the text field into the beginning of the next line automatically?

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      Anyone knows a way (some extension/addon/plugin w/e) to make the text field behave more correctly with the single letters on the end of the lines? Dont know how about other countries but in Poland its invalid to leave single letters at the end of the line and its a tones of work with legal notes, disclaimers etc where we have to move every single letter from the end of the line into another manually for each file, each format, and each time the text field's size is adjusted or when the note/disclaimer is edited. Here is the image of a function i have imagined that would cut the waste workhours for such trivial but time consuming thing:



      There is already working code in there that moves words that to not fit the text field, into another line - all it takes to make it awesome is to code the toggle for detectinv and moving single letters the same way.


      I have also send them feature request but im not sure if they will understund what i would love to have in Flash with my imperfect english - i dont know the proper words for that text formating. So here i write again with an image (didnt thought of linking the image for them in the feature request form). What do you think about it? I know english language doesnt use a lot of single letters, but polish do, how are your languages (if you arent native english)? And is it valid to leave single letter at the end of the line in your country?


      And to the CC staff: Now i believe i have described it much better (please ask if something is unclear). Could you please pass it forward to the people that should see it? It would really turn wasted tones of hours for many people in many countries into productive hours.


      Thanks a lot!