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    Premiere elements 13 won't burn disk




      I am using Adobe Premiere Elements 13. So far so good, editing my vacation videos and so forth worked fine. But unfortunately it won't work to burn a disc.


      I have tried to burn a DVD with multiple options: PAL Dolby, PAL Dolby Widescreen, NTSC Dolby, NTSC Dolby Widescreen.


      First of all, it is converting the DVD menus, then the media.After the converting stuff the actual burning starts.


      It then says "dvd burning stopped" and that the .iso was saved for further burning in a folder. This .iso cannot be found in the folder. I even tried to find it with the search of the whole computer.


      I am using a Lenovo G710 with Intel Core i7, GeForce 2GB, 8GB Ram and have lots of free space.


      I also tried to burn it with my other external burner. There it says "transcoding error". This error message I also got when trying to use the internal burner afterwards.


      I found someone in the forums with a similar "transcoding error" problem. He then changed his "Settings" with Intel Acceleration on (this option is already enabled here)...


      I already tried to delete the "Encoded" folders to encode again but got the same error messages.


      I also tried a suggestion to save my project as a DV AVI file and then import this in a new project. But once again no luck.


      Burning a .iso image or burn a dvd folder does not work either. So any kind of help would be very appreciated.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          First, try doing a Save As. Save your project file to a new location, ideally in its own folder. This will allow you to start your DVD burn fresh, without bumping into old files. Also, it might be a good idea to do a Disk Cleanup and Defrag to your drive, just to make sure you've got ample blocks of space.


          Then select the option to create an ISO.


          If this doesn't work, please post to this forum what media you are composing your video project from. What model of camcorder your video is coming from and what format and resolution it is. If you are using photos, please note if your photos are larger than 2000x1500 pixels in size.

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            robbirobocop Level 1

            I tried to it like you suggested.


            It actually burned the .iso just like before - there is no .iso in the folder. It does not matter if you burn it to disc (where it says, burning stops once again) and says in the folder there is an .iso which later can be used to be burned to disc or if you select the .iso option... Both procedures apart from the converting stuff take like 2 seconds... And there is no .iso afterwards.


            I am using a Panasonic HC-V727 and recorded 1080/50p. There are no photos being used.

            Operating system is Windows 8.1


            If you need more information, let me know.


            Thanks so far.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Does it matter if you direct the program to save your ISO file in a new location -- like in your Documents folder?

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                robbirobocop Level 1

                No, it does not matter what location I choose. I was trying different locations. But still no luck.

                I do not have any other idea, by the way the Adobe FAQ section is not very helpful either.


                Any other ideas?


                Thanks so far

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  I have been following your discussion. If your discussion is concluded, I would like to respond to "Any other ideas?"


                  Premiere Elements 13 on Windows 8.1 64 bit. Have we established that you are running the programs as administrator? QuickTime latest version installed?

                  Internet connection OK? Video card/graphics card driver version up to date according to web site of manufacturer of card?


                  1. Have you updated 13 to 13.1 using an opened project's Help Menu/Updates? If not, please do that.


                  2. You wrote

                  I found someone in the forums with a similar "transcoding error" problem. He then changed his "Settings" with Intel Acceleration on (this option is already enabled here).

                  Did you actually work with the preference related to Intel HD Graphics 2000 and Higher disabled? If not, please do so. Is your problem (all or some) gone when you work with this preference disabled? You have a NVIDIA GeForce, not Intel HD Graphics card, right? Just one card?


                  3. Good move emptying out the Encoded Files Folder. It seems like something worthwhile to add to the troubleshooting tool chest when you get the Adobe iso image backup instead of an intended burn to disc. Do not use burn to ISO Image in your troubleshooting. Please use instead burn to folder. Does the burn to folder work for you?



                  4. Try to correlate the Transcoding errors to possible flaws in the Timeline and movie menus

                  a. Expand the Timeline with the -+ slider above the Timeline. Hit the End key of the computer keyboard. Where does the Timeline Indicator stop - at the end of the last item on the Timeline or way beyond that point? Open all tracks and explore each for debris (leftover fragments/thin vertical black lines scattered and regular files that I pushed to the right and forgotten about).

                  b. Look at the placement of Timeline markers leaving at least a few frames between ones close to one another. Look at menus in movie menu customization area for red frames around buttons. At no time place a stop marker at the end of the last item on the Timeline.

                  c. For a quick look, remove Timeline markers and menu, and determine if the burn to is then successful and you can find the end product at the save location that you designated.


                  To be saved for later


                  5. Additional ideas will include

                  a. deletion of the actual Adobe Premiere Elements Prefs file - do not depend on shortcuts

                  b. uninstall, free ccleaner run through (regular and registry cleaner parts), reinistall with antivirus and firewall(s) disabled, download and install of 13.1 once 13 is installed and running successfully

                  c. installing and trying to run Premiere Elements from a new user account with administrative privileges


                  If I have repeated troubleshooting that you have already done, please excuse. I tried to include what has been working for me and others in a comprehensive overview specific to your issue.