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    Reverse animation then hide


      Hi all,


      Created a pop-up animation (fade in) after clicking a button1. On the pop-up i create an other button (say button2) wich reversed the aimation (fade out). But when i want to press button 1 again. I'm not able to. So i think i need to hide the pop-up after reversing it. How can i do that?  


      Please ask if you need meer info....


      tnx in advanced.

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          Diane Burns Adobe Community Professional

          One way to do it is this:

          On button 2, instead of setting it to Fade Out the object, set the event to "Animation" Below that you'll see an option menu that says "Play." On button 2, change "Play" to "Reverse."

          This way, you are just animating one object, setting it to play with button 1 and reverse with button 2.

          It will then fade in when you press button 1 again.