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    Lightroom 6: Cannot import files




      Every time I try to import a file, I get the following error:


      Could not copy a file to the requested location. (1)



      I uninstalled, then reinstalled Lightroom, but the error persists.  I have not imported these files before.


      Does anyone have any suggestions?  Thanks,

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          DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

          You need to use your operating system, Windows Explorer or Mac Finder and check you have read and write permissions for the sub folder underlined.


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            hot_tub Level 1

            Thank you for the advice DdeGannes.  I honestly don't know Windows 7 that well, after having just "upgraded" from XP.  However, it appears that I have write access, though I wonder why Lightroom would want to copy a file to the same folder from which it came (I assumed it would have created its own work folder during installation).  Anyway, I figured that it made sense to have a work folder anyway, so I created one and directed the import there, and things seem to be working now.  I still wonder why Lightroom worked fine one day, then encountered this problem the next.  At least it is working now.  Thanks again!