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    Close captioning software/app in CC

    skorg264 Level 1

      Are there any apps part of CC that offer close captioning capabilities? I'm hearing impaired and really need help understanding what is being taught.  Someone once told me they thought one of Adobe's app/software can close caption videos. I use LR and PS and I have tutorial videos for both that I really want to be able to use to help me learn.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I'm not really sure what you are looking for. Closed-captioning would mean that the sub-titles are embedded or are available as external text sources and are rendered during playback in the video player. There is no magic software that can add this stuff to a video if it hasn't been put there. There are a number of such tools like YouTube's own automatic subtitles and in fact Premiere Pro once had a crude dialog extraction once (before it was pulped), but otherwise I'm afraid you will have to make do. Just like most Adobe tutorials only come in English, much to the chagrin of foreign language users, they come without subtitles, at least as far as I'm aware. perhaps it might be more efficient to just look for text-based tutorials and then ask specific questions that you do not understand on respective forums, including possibly the PS section of this forum.