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    Arabic text right to left - Help!

    reddhare Level 1

      How do i make arabic text direction, right to left? After searching the net for answers, I´m just even more frustrated.

      Because everyone is showing a sullution that doesn´t exist in my indesign... The buttons showing paragraph direction is missing in my indesign CC, and I cant seem to download the Middle East version of Indesign.


      Anyone, please help me out. Having a deadline tomorrow.



      Kind regards,


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          reddhare Level 1

          Yes! Thank you so much (For some reason I had to create a new document to make the style work)

          Spent so many hours on this issue, very thankful for your help.

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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

            To install a different version, in your case Arabic, you have to got to the CC app and change the App language. Then you have to install them again.Don't uninstall previous language installs. You need to install them additional! The needed plugins are added into the program folder.


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              I have opened CC gone to apps and my menu does not include a menu that allows me to change language preferences. I have changed my language in my profile to see if that helps but to nothing!  Spent the last 2 days trying to find a way to download MENA version of InDesign. I now have 2017 but still no way to work with the Arabic text I have. 

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                Dan Byer Level 1

                The basic English version InDesign will handle RTL text just fine. The only problem is there is no actual menu option to tell ID that text is RTL. So I went into an old job I did on an old machine with arabic InDesign, grabbed a basic RTL style, and dragged it off into a simple right to left snippet that I keep handy. I don't have to do very much RTL, but when I do, I can just grab that snippet and base all my syles off of it.

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                  Dan Byer Level 1

                  I just looked a little closer at the exact bits that define text as RTL and came up with this simple way to create your own snippet with a basic Right to Left paragraph style:


                  1. Make a new document.
                  2. Make a small text box.
                  3. Type something in it.
                  4. Make a new paragraph style called "Right to Left" using a font that supports arabic (Arial, for example) and apply it to that text.
                  5. Drag that textbox to your desktop to create an IDMS (InDesign Snippet) file.
                  6. Open that file in a text editor.
                  7. Find the line towards the top that starts <ParagraphStyle Self="ParagraphStyle/Right To Left" ... (this is the line that defines all the aspects of your paragraph style)
                  8. At the end of that line, add these tags inside the closing ">" symbol:  Composer="HL Composer Optyca" Justification="RightAlign" ParagraphDirection="RightToLeftDirection" (In addition to setting the text direction to RTL, this also modifies that style to turn on the World Ready Paragraph Composer and right align the paragraph)
                  9. Save and close.


                  Now, when you need to create some RTL text in regular InDesign, just drag that snippet into your doc and it will add the basic Right to Left paragraph style on which you can base all your more complex RTL styles!