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    Can't Open Library Book in ADE after re-installed ADE


      Windows 7 / laptop:


      Installed ADE in Sandboxie yesterday and authorized without an ID as I only wanted to get a book from Open Library for the laptop I'm on. Got the book and all was fine. Could open/read book.


      Ten minutes later decided to install ADE outside the sandbox, so closed the sandbox which deleted ADE, then installed ADE on to C drive. The encrypted pdf remained in the /Documents/Digital Editions Library folder (or whatever it's called).


      Now opened the new ADE but it won't read the library book. It says:

      This computer is not authorized to open [library book] b/c this item is authorized to a Vendor ID. 

      To authorize your computer to open this item, enter your login ID and password associated with this item ...

      Problem is, I never created an ADE ID when I authorized the first time... I authorized without an ID. I tried creating an ADE ID since it insisted I needed one, but still got the above error .... so tried entering my Open Library creds, but got same error.


      Unauthorized ADE and re-authorized without an ID, just like I did the first time... but still got the same error.


      Tried RETURNING the book to the library so I could just check it out again with the newly installed ADE, but would not let me return it either.


      Help would be appreciated. Thank you!