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    Need Bootstrap 3 modal to successfully load animate project in Firefox

    CindyJones-Hulfachor Level 1

      I am having a problem getting Edge Animate projects to show up in Bootstrap 3 modals in Firefox. Animate projects load correctly when added to main html page in my site in Chrome(v43), Safari(v7) and Firefox(v38).


      I have project loading as an <object> within a modal.

      <object id="EdgeID3" type="text/html" width="100%" height="480"  data="BostonMarathon/Assets/BostonMarathon.html">



      But, the same project put into a modal fails to load in Firefox.

      I have searched online and problems seem to point to .fade in Bootstrap modal. If I remove css display:none; in  .modal the project shows up but then has other problems.


      Has anyone else found a solution to this problem or have suggestions?

      Thank you,

      Cindy Jones-Hulfachor