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    Lightroom update failing??


      I'm an adobe CC subscriber trying to update lightroom via the CC app. CC is telling me that the update failed and to press retry or contact customer support (49)  Retry doesn't work. Any tips?

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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          Please post the exact error message or (better) a screen shot of the Creative Cloud window and error message.

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            waywardsphotos Level 1


            No idea why this is sideways, but anyway it says


            There was a problem updating Lightroom CC (2015)

            For more information see the specific error below.


            Update Failed

            Download error. Press Retry to try again or contact customer support. (49)


            Photoshop 2015 updated just fine. No idea what's going on, and it doesn't give me many options.

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              Chetna Srivastava Adobe Employee



              If you have McAfee and Windows, you need to do the following things to get the updater to work properly.


              1. Disable McAfee Firewall (or any other anti-virus that you have) and Real Time Virus Scan.

              2. Go into Task Manager, and make sure you shut down everything running for Adobe. This includes Adobe Creative Cloud, Core sync, Desktop service for Adobe or Service for Adobe Desktop Creative Cloud, IPC Broker, everything. You can right click on anything on that list and either end process or end task.

              3. Once that's done, run the Adobe Creative Cloud executable as an Administrator (right click on the file, select run as Administrator)

              4. It will fire up all the apps you just closed, but now they aren't affected by McAfee.

              5. Update what you need to.

              6. Resume your Firewall and Virus scan programs.


              If this does not help in first go, restart you machine and then, try the same steps.

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                waywardsphotos Level 1

                That seemed to do it! Thanks for the help!


                Dehaze! haha