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    Lightroom Mobile Resetting Edits


      Having a bit of an issue with Lightroom Mobile. When I edit a photo on my desktop in Lightroom and sync it to Mobile, it looks fine on both devices. However, as soon as I open the photo in Mobile and attempt to make any changes to it, it resets the image to default on both devices. I can go on the desktop and in the history select one step back, which undoes the "reset," but attempting to edit it again on Mobile has the same effect. Most of the photos I'm attempting to edit have been modified using a preset, if that makes any difference at all. Any help is appreciated.

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          greule Adobe Employee

          A couple of questions. Do you have a custom camera profile applied via LR Desktop? For what type of photo/file type does this occur to you? - Guido

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            cwhabib Level 1

            The camera profile is set to just the Adobe Standard. I did have to install the profile manually as it seems there was some issue with the Adobe Standard profile missing for my camera, a D810, on the latest update. The image files are imported and converted to DNG. As I previously mentioned, a preset is sometimes applied. Any modifications, even such as a change in crop, undo all changes to the photo made on the desktop side.

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              greule Adobe Employee

              Could you send me an example photo plus one of  your presets - best as a private message with a downloadable dropbox link.


              In addition it would be great if you can provide Lr Desktop+Mobile diagnostig logs.


              You can trigger the Lr Desktop log via Lr Desktop preferences -> Lightroom Mobile and when you hold down the alt key you will notice a generate diagnostic log button


              The Lr Mobile app log can be triggered when you open up the settings and long press the top left LR Icon a diagnostic log will be generated and attached to your local mail client.