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    Lightroom 6 random crashes on Windows 7


      I am running Lightroom 6.0.1 on Windows 7 64bit. I have 16 gig RAM tested several times with Windows test app, I run two DELL U2410's on a NVIDIA GeForce 660 adaptor with latest drivers. The computer randomly crashes when Lightroom is running occasionally with a blue screen but more often without. I have reloaded the program twice - I have been using Lightroom since version 2. Am I alone and has anyone found a solution.

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          andrewfreeman Level 3

          Firstly I'd suggest updating to LR6.1. When you say you get a blue screen, is this the blue screen of death or just LR showing a blue screen? If it is LR showing a blue screen disable the GPU acceleration under Edit> Preferences> Performance tab and uncheck "Use graphics processor". ]


          If the computer is crashing completely, it might suggest a hardware issue, possibly overheating?

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            tynmaid Level 1

            Many thanks Andrew. I am running LR 6.0.1 which I think is the latest. I bought 6 on disk and it has been updated once. When I said Blue screen I did mean BSOD but each one has a different error. Usually it just either freezes and nothing will work except a hard boot or the computer crashes and restarts without any error message. Currently the room temperature is 22.4C and the processor, MoBo and drives are all well within tolerance. I have already tried switching off graphics processor acceleration but it has made no difference.

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              andrewfreeman Level 3

              LR 6.1 is the latest, it has quite a number of bug fixes. Whether or not that will solve your problem I don't know, but it's worth a try first. As temperatures are ok, then maybe it's pointing towards another issue such as drivers or some kind of corruption? I don't suppose it creates an error log when it hangs? Might be worth looking through event viewer.

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                leifurh52 Level 1

                Did this ever get resolved? I am in exactly the same situation, LR 6.1 (which I am sure is the OP's version) hangs randomly, displaying the "wait a bit" spinning circle. I think it only happens after I make changes in the develop module but I may have left that module and switched to a different photo when the program just stops responding. There doesn't SEEM to be any damage resulting from having Windows kill the program (which is the only way out - I press the X in the top right corner and wait for Windows to ask, then have the program killed).


                Windows 7 64-bit, AMD display card, subscription (which I couldn't purchase in my country anyway so this is a LR 6 disk version) expired.



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                  tynmaid Level 1

                  Looks like my problem is now resolved. A salutary tale. Back in December I replaced 8 gig of RAM with 16. Everything correct, right RAM for the MOB but due to various health problems I had not realized that my problems were not with Lightroom but with the RAM. I had tested it exhaustively ( so I thought ) board by board with Windows Memory App and nothing came up. Finally, after a particularly bad day with everything unplugged that could be and still BSODs I replaced the new memory with the old. Problems stopped. Still need the extra memory but replacement boards on their way. If the problems re-occur I'll be back but in the meantime don't take testing as a clean bill of health - go back to known good components ( even if not as fast or powerful as you would like ) and see if the troubles disappear. I expect Lightroom will fall over occasionally but it's doing a big job with massive amounts of information. I can remember when getting a stick figure icon to walk across the screen was a big achievement!!!