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    I'm having problems with my oam files when trying to publish to adobe edge.


      I am currently having an issue, I'm trying to create a interactive app. I have created 4 different animations. The first animation has three nav elements that I want to navigate to outside animations using dps. I created oam files and placed them into a DPS indesign file. I created 4 pages in the indesign file, and created a folio using the folio builder. In the nav animation file I have the three button nav elements linked to the pages in the folio. I am having a few different problems with this. First, the nav does not link to the other animations, instead I need to swipe up or down to get to the other animations. Second, the audio does not play that I added to the adobe edge file. And third some of the text changes when I preview this dps in the content viewer. The strange thing is that for some reason some of the type stays the same, while other change even though they are the same exact font. I'm also not entirely sure how I'd even publish this DPS into an actual app. I can't find anything online concerning these issues. Is there something I'm missing?