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    Lightroom doesn't work ...


      Hi, a few days ago I bought Creative Cloud Photography, I downloaded and installed Lightroom and It doesn'w work. Jus appear the little circle, like when other programs run, but nothing happend. Just don't run the program. I saw in the Task Manager and the process runs but inmediatly dissapear. I reboot the computer, reinstaled the program, renames the Folders like your faqs and don't work. I cant' work in Lightroom. By now the Creative Cloud console say that Photoshop and Lightroom are in trial mode, but after reinstaling programs just say Open. Thanks

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Try launching directly from the executable. Go to:

          C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Lightroom


          Highlight lightroom (the application) see image below and right-click on it and choose "Run As Administrator"



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            alejandroc76428734 Level 1

            Thanks, but ... still doesn't work. I executed as administrator the exe file directly from Explorer.


            I don't understand what happend.


            In the Creative Cloud, Lightroom and Photoshop still appear as Start Trial and my account is log in.

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              hipolitorodrigues Level 1

              Same here. I did all things but Lightroom didn't start, untill..:

              It works on my Lightroom CC / WIN 10:

                01- Remove softwares:

              . AdobeCreativeCloudCleanerTool.exe / clear all

                02- Delete folders "Adobe":

              . C:\Program Files\Adobe

              . C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe

              . C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe (need to rename and restart PC)

              . C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe

              . C:\ProgramData\Adobe (hidden folder)

              . C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Adobe

              . C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Adobe

                03- (If you didn't restart PC until here, do it now). Install Creative Cloud.

                04- Install old version LIGHTROOM through Creative Cloud..

                05- Restart PC.

                06- Try to open LIGHTROOM from the icon itself.

              . Here, probably, LIGHTROOM will not open and will ask for "MSVCP110.dll".

              It is the Microsoft Visual C + + 2012 that, I'm sure, It's already installed on your PC, but, some how without this dll. Microsoft website download / Microsoft Visual C + + 2012:


                07- Try to open LIGHTROOM from the icon itself again after reinstall Microsoft Visual C + + 2012:

              . Here, it will ask for Adobe ID.

                08- After Adobe ID, the LIGHTROOM will open(I hope) only the previous version.

              Close it and try to open through Creative Cloud. The program The program should open smoothly.

                09- Now you can update your LIGHTROOM through Creative Cloud.

                Some things seem different. But it works and after 6 days unable to work, It is all that matters.

                I hope it helps.

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                F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Did you try to reset the preferences?


                They are not reset when you remove and reinstall.