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    Coldfusion error emails




      We are using coldfusion for our website. There are many applications hosted on the Coldfusion server we are using. Recently we have noticed that we are getting a lot of error emails form our Coldfusion server.


      I think these emails are sent automatically from the server to my emailid whenever some issue/error occurs.

      Foe e.g. below is one of the such email body

      FONT face="Arial" ><strong>Diagnostic Information:</strong><BR>         

                                      <FONT face="Arial" color="800000" >Error Executing Database Query. [Macromedia][SQLServer JDBC Driver]Execution timeout expired. <br>The error occurred on line 47.</FONT>

                                      <P><strong>Generated Content:</strong><BR>               

                                      <FONT face="Arial" color="800000" >




      Email subject is - CF Error on EDWEBID4.EDWARDSHIGHVACUUM.NET  


      All such emails are sent to my email ID - PC_APPS@edwardsvacuum.com



      Now what I want to know where is this emai id - PC_APPS@edwardsvacuum.com configured on coldfusion server, so that all such error emails are automatically sent to this emailId.


      Client is complaining because this email id - PC_APPS@edwardsvacuum.com is alias, and contains a lot of persons's email id including that of client. I just want to change the setting such that instead of sending error mails to email id to above, it should send only to my emailid which is - harshal.jain@ edwardsvacuum.com. Thus in future i want coldfusion server to send error emails only to this id - harshal.jain@ edwardsvacuum.com



      Thanks a lot in advance.