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    Add-ons are back to work fine now in InDesign and other products [Updated].

    Monica Singh Adobe Employee

      Hi All,


      We had a recent issue with the latest release of CC 2015 products and the Creative Cloud desktop app that extensions downloaded from 'Browse Addons' web page are not visible in InDesign and other products. We apologize for the the inconvenience caused; this issue has now been fixed.


      Creative Cloud Desktop App has a new build available which contains the fix for the issue  - "Extensions downloaded from the Browse Addons website are not visible in the InDesign”.


      Note: You must download the app and install it manually (instructions below).


      Follow this procedure to get your extensions back up and running:


      1. Quit InDesign, if it running.
      2. Browse to the page and download the Creative Cloud application build available at: https://creative.adobe.com/products/download/creative-cloud.
      3. Browse to the folder where the Creative Cloud application was downloaded, and install the application. Confirm the prompts required to install the application.
      4. After installing the Creative Cloud application, extensions will start syncing - confirm any notifications in the Creative Cloud Desktop Application.
      5. Launch InDesign. Your extensions will now be available for use.


      Do let us know if you face any issues with the update.



      Monica Singh