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    Rotate around origin


      Hi there, relatively new to Edge Animate.  In CC 2014 I had no problem creating a link image that on hover allowed a semi-circle to rotate around an arrow.  I had to change tweak the origin point because it is not quite a perfect circle.  I was able to save, publish, and use on a site with no issue. 


      After updating to CC 2015, I went to duplicate the original file to change the color and the link destination (those are the only changes that I made.)  When I previewed within Edge, the circle moved correctly around the origin point.  When I previewed in browser or exported and used within Adobe Muse, the origin is all off so the semi-circle is just spinning around oddly.  I went back and double-checked the file, didn't see anything wrong, but figured maybe something had changed within the versions.


      Next step was to re-created the file in CC 2015, but I am still having the same issue.  Displays correctly in Edge, but not in browser or in Muse.  Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!


      Here is a link to the file.