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    How to have both rollover & getURL together

      Hello -

      Working on a web project that uses a Flash "template" from the webhost. This scene has movie clips for "About Us" "Contact Us" and so forth. If I convert the MCs to buttons the rollover stuff doesn't work, if I use what came with the template I can't make getURL work with a different url for each item.

      Here is the script that is in place for each of the 5 MCs as part of Button 9, included in each symbol:

      // Button actions…
      on (rollOver)
      on (rollout)
      on (release)
      getURL(“#”, “”);

      This code works fine, only of course when you click on any of the 5 MCs you get an error because of the "#" -- if I change the getURL code to use an existing url that works too, but when I click on each of the 5 MCs they all go to the same url.

      What I would like to do is either learn of a way to use the above code and change the getURL portion to use a different url for each of the 5 MCs, or, write code for each of the 5 MCs that includes the rollover and rollout actions from Button 9.

      All help greatly appreciated,