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    Embedding on Wordpress using iframe


      I'm using Google drive as the web host for my presentations and showing them on Wordpress using an iFrame. This works fine on a desktop but when viewed on my android phone the player is permanently loading. The same url used in the iframe works fine when viewed directly on my phone. Anybody know of a work around for this. I'm assuming the same issue will be present with iOS but have not tested yet. If you know of workaround for that as well I'd be very grateful.


      There is a plugin from elearningplugins.com to automate uploading and hosting on the wordpress site directly. I've asked them if this will resolve my issue and will update the forum when I know - seems a shame not to use the free bandwidth provided by Google though.

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          hhgsvle Level 1

          Checked this on on ipad this evening and it work fine - so it's just Android and only when in an iframe.

          Guess I'll just resort to a direct link on the post for anyone with an android tablet. I've started down the path of developing an elearning site for science gcse which will eventually be members only in a year or so, hopefully this will be resolved by then !