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    Text Scroll Speed

    JamieATL Level 1
      I'm using the "scroll" property with a couple of onPress events to fluidly scroll text up or down in a dynamic text field. For example:

      myTextField.scroll += 1;

      It seems that there's no way to reduce the speed of the scroll below "1," which is relatively fast for most font sizes. I understand the increment (1 and up) is moving that many lines of text, but am surprised that ActionScript doesn't seem to allow incrementing by a half or a quarter line (.5 or .25, respectively), since AS mostly speaks in pixels.

      Without creating a custom class or writing a bunch of AS, is there a simple way to slow down the scroll speed while still using the "scroll" property (and not coding this the old fashioned way with masks and _y actions)? Seems odd that the "scroll" property would be introduced to alleviate lots of programming, and then fail to include better control for speed. I'm assuming I'm just missing something...