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    Syncronization across computers

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      Do you use a laptop and desktop? Ever wish you could edit on both machines seamlessly?


      How can we - customers - get Adobe to make synchronization across computers work without resorting to compromise solutions and technical machinations discussed in other treads?  Is there a way to be heard by the Adobe Product management team?


      There are lot threads that discuss various details of this issue, but the overarching, big picture requirement is have complete, automatic transparency on multiple computers after a simple, one-step synchronization. There are probably other requirements, but my need is to have complete duplication of:


      1. Source images (raw, NEF, CR2, etc.) and derivative images (TIF, JPG, etc.) known to LR and PS. [Desirable: list other folders of images not cataloged by LR for exports.]


      2. Side car files (XMP)


      3. Metadata stored in the LR Catalog (LRCAT, LRDATA, etc.)


      4. Terabyte + of data in aggregate



      There are problems with various "solutions" posted elsewhere.


      1. Export with catalog is impractical and cumbersome at best. When do you have time and patience for a many-step "solution?"


      2. I am no longer willing to edit the registry file after retirement. It seems likely that there may be some customers who do not even understand those answers.


      3. Storing all photographs and ancillary files on an external hard drive is interesting, but slow, cumbersome and impractical -- albeit the best compromise I have found. Ultimately, this is unacceptable to me.


      4. The many variations of copying files across the network in special ways, ensuring duplicate file paths (net use, subst, etc.) do not work in my experience (not accepted by LR).


      Please let me know if I've missed any Adobe capabilities or posts for other solutions.



      My ideal solution would work like the Microsoft "Available Offline" feature. My laptop automatically synchronizes with my desktop every time it can over the LAN.

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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          Many, many people have asked for the ability to share easily a catalog across multiple computers.  However, this is a user-to-user forum in which Adobe infrequently participates.  There is a corresponding topic in the official Adobe feedback forum: Lightroom: Multi-User / Multi Computer (Shared catalog on a network). It is the second-most popular request that hasn't been implemented yet.  Adobe says they read every post in that forum, and they participate there much more frequently than here.   I recommend that you both vote and add your opinion to that topic, which in a small way could make it more likely that Adobe will prioritize the issue.