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    Imagenomic & LR6.1


      I updated to LR6.1 from 6.0 mainly to address the "write changes to XMP" issue, which it did, however, when I edit an image in Imagenomic Portraiture (latest version on PC) the changes made are not visible in the develop module in LR6.1. They are visible in the library module. Editing in PS is fine, changes are visible. If I close LR and reopen it, the changes are visible.


      I since went back to LR6.0 as the lesser of two evils, as changes made in Imagenomic are visible in develop module of LR6.0. The logic of this suggests that in addressing the XMP issue, the "fix" has caused LR6.1 not to read the the changes made in Imagenomic.


      Imagenomic creates the TIF as an exact copy of the original (NEF in my case), but on return to LR6.1 the changes are not shown in the develop module.


      Anyone else have this issue and is there a workaround other than reverting to the previous version LR6.0?