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    Question about saving compositions

    Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional



      I am wondering if there is a way I can quickly save an individual composition with it's assets from within a project.  For example:  I have an "Assets" project which I keep open as a composition in projects I am working on so I can quickly grab assets I use alot.  Occasionally I will create a new asset while working that I want to add to my "Assets..aep"   However I cannot simply copy the layers to my "Assets" composition and then save the comp. as it's own .aep file.  Instead I need to save my project, delete everything except my Assets composition and then save that as Assets.aep, and finally re-open my current project. 


      Is there a way to export or save an individual comp, from within a project with many comps, as it's own project?


      Hope that made sense...